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August 25, 2008
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:MGS4 - Egg Eater: by jagscupid :MGS4 - Egg Eater: by jagscupid
For *littlemewhatever:heart:

This probably won't make too much sense if you haven't played Metal Gear Solid 4, so I'll try to explain ;P
*Spoilers* I guess, so those of you who don't want to see, just don't look ;)

Cast of Characters
Green - Dr. Hal Emmerich a.k.a Otacon
Blue - Solid Snake
Purple - Sunny Gurlukovich

This emote takes place after the final scene in Metal Gear Solid 4
See the video here [1:56 - end] : [link]

Basically, Sunny's cooking eggs, again, and Snake doesn't want them :paranoid:
See the reason why, here: [link]

So he hides in his trusty Cardboard Box! :plotting:
Otacon thinks he's got Snake, but... :evillaugh:

[ If you don't understand the ending, watch this video: [link] ]

Other Notes
I spent a lot of time doing the backgrounds for this emote, hopefully you like them :w00t:
Special appearance by Sunny's duck egg timer.
I attempted to make a joke with the game's Game Over screen, and Otacon yelling "Snake!" when he can't find him [if that part didn't make sense to people ;P].

The title for this emote, "Egg Eater" is a play on Metal Gear Solid 3's title, "Snake Eater." I shortened it to just "Eggs" in the emote, so it would fit on screen.

Created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Imageready
825 frames
227 layers :faint:

Characters © Hideo Kojima / Konami :salute:

Sorry for the long wait in between submissions here on DA.
I've been working on websites lately ^^; If you'd like to see them, check here ~AYDesign

I have ideas for other MGS4 emotes, so we'll see :plotting:
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Daily Deviation

Given 2009-04-03
:MGS4 - Egg Eater: by *jagscupid is not only a great "emote movie" but also a brilliant and humorous tribute to a well known game series. A ton of work, not only for animating and pixelling and but also scripting went into this and it clearly shows with how much passion the deviant created the detailed scenery.
( Suggested by PatrickRuegheimer and Featured by AndyGassner )
Love Octocamo
OMG i love this, nice work, and if ur wondering i have played all of the series besides the spin-offs

Favourited :D
Your Very Welcome
oh btw i liked how spot on you got everything, especially the sunny part :w00t:
BANGkid Jun 11, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
it took me a long time to get it even tho i've played the game XD
it's amazing!
i really loved it
i also loved the GA KO clock ^^
Thanks very much :D
Super-Moses Jun 4, 2010  Student Digital Artist
:rofl: I like this alot! Good work! :) I don't even want to THINK about how long this took you!
Thanks very much :D
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